Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Calling the Sun

On the Winter Solstice I invoke a little magical thinking and hurry the return of the sun by eating things that are the color of the sun, or the shape of the sun, or, most magical, both.  This often turns out to be saffron bread baked up into a round loaf.  However, I've got a lovely round loaf of pandoro tucked away, so I didn't think I needed any more bread in the house.

But this year's holiday baking resulted in two left-over egg yolks.  Try as I might, and I try different things different years, I never seem to be able to make just enough egg-yolk things to correctly balance out the egg-white things.

So this morning I invoked the color and shape of the sun in a very special, three-yolk fried egg that should certainly get the sun's attention.  It was tasty if a little rich - definitely something to eat only on special days.

For dinner - a nice, round-like-the-sun pizza bianca.

Have a fine Winter Solstice yourself.

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