Sunday, December 3, 2023

Almost Antiques


Christmas baking started this weekend, and a fair amount of ground nutmeg was required. My nutmeg grater and I aren't officially antiques yet, but we're both headed in that direction, long may it continue. I bought my grater new, about 35 years ago, in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, appropriately enough. I think I paid about $2.00 for it. These little graters were a pretty common item in gift shops in those days. They may still be, if there are still gift shops.

If you're ever in need of a small housewarming gift, a shiny new nutmeg grater and a jar of whole nutmegs might be appreciated.

My Christmas baking requires prodigious amounts of almonds, honey, candied and dried fruit, and chocolate. Some years, this was a significant bump in the grocery budget and I'd start laying in supplies in November. Some years almonds were in short supply. Or candied orange peel. Or the only other person on the planet who needed candied citron got to the grocery store ahead of me and cleaned them out.

Thus far this year there haven't been any hiccups, long may it continue. The lackerli are done, the dough for the pfeffernusse has been made up and is mellowing. Cinnamon stars are next on the list.

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