Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Brambles

This year the planets aligned and the bramble fruits were ready for picking on a weekend when the temperature wasn't absolutely sweltering.  I was out in West Union Garden's fields by 8:00 am last Saturday.  By 11 am I'd picked 15 pounds of red raspberries and an equal weight of blackberries.  I was really, really tempted by the tayberries, but decided that 30 pounds of picking was enough for one day.
The blackberries were put up in quarts in a thin syrup, while the raspberries were all pureed and put up in one quart bags and frozen, to be made up into jam over the winter, when one is looking for ways to warm up the kitchen a little.

After all the pureeing and all the washing, up my apron was ready for a good laundering.