Tuesday, December 27, 2016


In the process of going through some books to see if there were any candidates for Goodwill, I thumbed through my 1985 paperback edition of The Modern Researcher, wondering when I'd last opened it.  Out dropped this fern frond and some weed leaves.  The weed would have been new to me when I moved to Oregon,  and I remember thinking its leaves were quite beautiful (the effect is better when they're bright green and edged with dew drops,) so it appears that the last time I opened this  book was Spring, 1997.

Despite the demonstrable lack of use in my household, I'm hanging onto The Modern Researcher, for both its content and its leaf-pressing capabilities.

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Vicki said...

Hello Andrea, I found you this morning while looking for vintage apron patterns.

I had to laugh as I read through your blog....I too, am enjoying "not writing"

I used to have a blog called My Favorite Things which I took down completely because I was tired of blogging...then I decided to start a blog for myself just to keep my notes and recipes, etc on...it's called "Collected Thoughts and Things" -- http://collectedthoughtstoread.blogspot.com/

Just wanted to take a moment and say Hello!!
Hope you are having a good day!!
Blessings, Vicki